Swing tip of the month May 2014


“The Tee Shot”

Getting off the tee and starting each hole correctly is a big component to shooting lower scores.  Hitting it long off the tee is real macho and can impress your friends, but hitting the fairway is a must to improve your game.  Let me give you some hints to start each hole in a successful way.

First, I see most poor drivers over swing when they have the big stick in their hand.  Swinging too hard leads to miss hits, miss hits lead to short crooked shots.  All these things lead to a long frustrating round of golf.  Remember to swing with your 7 iron rhythm.  The Driver is made to hit it far for you.  You just need to make solid contact and watch the technology work for you.

Secondly, you don’t have to hit driver.  A well struck 3 metal goes farther and straighter than a miss hit driver.  If you have not mastered the driver, hit a club that you are comfortable with and keep the ball in play.  Remember, you can’t win the hole with the tee shot, but you sure can lose it.  Keeping the ball in play is the key.

Finally, if you would like to hit you driver more solid, consistent, and farther, come see me this month for our Game Improvement Class.  I will teach you some easy set up positions and swing keys to help you hit the driver better than you ever have.

We are also staffed with 5 professionals and state of the art equipment for club fitting.  Utilize our expertise and the Track Man launch monitor to get the correct shaft and head combination to maximize your ball flight.

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