Bruce Parker, our Senior Golfing Professional and Director of Instruction, has been a teaching golf professional for 25 years. He can analyze your swing and explain it to you in an easy and understandable way. You will be knocking strokes off your round in no time and you will have discovered your swing so you can play better every round!

Bruce is very aware that many people take lessons that don’t help them reduce their score of become a better ball striker! He means it when he says, "This will not happen with me. I will work with you to quickly and effortlessly make you a better ball striker and you will understand how you strike the ball correctly."

Bruce came to Charlotte from Atlanta, his home town.His students there came up with the saying “Effortless Golf” because they discovered Bruce's coaching made finding their swing effortless. The KEY is to KEEP the SWING as SIMPLE as POSSIBLE. Bruce will guide you as you work toward your personal golfing goals.

The process normally starts with a video of your existing golf swing. Then there is a discussion of the things you are doing well. The final step is a focus on those little things you need to change to make your swing and ball striking better. The change techniques are designed to help you keep your swing thought as simple as possible because A minimal swing thought is one of the keys to improving your swing and ball striking on the course. After all, YOU ARE PRACTICING TO LOWER YOUR SCORE