Swing tip of the month September 2015

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Let’s talk about the art of putting. As you all know this is what can save your game or ruin it. Sometimes the hole is as big as a man hole, and others times the ball will not fit. We have all experienced this. All you can do, as a golfer, is give the ball a chance to go in. DON’T LEAVE IT SHORT. Now we have all heard this many times, but understand, what is short? Ideally the ball should still be rolling as it falls in the hole. NOW REMEMBER THIS; the ball breaks mostly while losing speed. So what is short? If the hole was a spot on the green, the ball should roll over the spot and 1 to 2 feet past. Many golfers read the line for this speed, but end up short of the mark. This leaves the ball below the hole on a breaking putt, and will wiggle off line on a straight putt. There is the “Pro Side” or the “Low Side” of the hole. If you put the ball on the “pro side” Your ball has a better chance of going in.

The only thing you need to do to be a good putter, is to never “3 putt.” HA! Easier said than done, right! Well here is a great way to accomplish this goal. Always practice putting! Practice putts you can make a high percentage of times. This means to practice putting from 10 feet and in. If you get good at this distance, it will help to never 3 putt. It will make long putts easier, and helps ease the pressure of chipping so close.

Remember that we play a percentage game and the more we give the ball a chance, the more putts will drop. This is a fantastic way to lower your scores.

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Bruce Parker

Golf Professional/ Golf Depot